Chiropractic is derived from the Greek word meaning 'done by hand'. It is a safe and effective natural therapy based on the relationship between good health and a properly functioning spine and nervous system.

Chiropractic is a simple, effective and drug-free treatment alternative that works with your body to encourage healing, health, and wellbeing.

Chiropractors work with your nervous system which controls every function in your body, from digestion, to sleep, to walking. Your nervous system communicates with each part of your body and sends messages back to the brain via the spinal cord. To ensure your nervous system is free to communicate in this way, as effectively as possible and without interference, chiropractors check that your spine is mobile, well aligned, and healthy.

As a result of being able to communicate effectively, the body is able to function with greater health, strength and balance.

Patients commonly seek chiropractic treatment for conditions such as neck pain, back pain, headaches and sporting injuries. If you are unsure if Chiropractic can help you, or would like to discuss your needs further before booking an appointment, please contact the clinic and we will be happy to help.

Our Chiropractor, Dr Rogan Smith, utilises Applied Kinesiology (AK), manual adjusting, low force treatment, soft tissue therapy, dry needling and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) to provide a truly holistic approach to your health.

All therapies are tailored to suit the individual. We also offer exercise, postural and lifestyle advice. All excercies are either emailed or send via text so that you can access your treatment plan along with videos to show you how for each excercise.

We treat WorkSafe, TAC and DVA patients. We also accept patients under the Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) programme.

Patients with appropriate private health insurance cover can claim rebates on treatment.

If you would like a treatment with Dr. Rogan Smith then call 03 9763 0033 or use the book now link at the top of the page.

Having a Chiropratic Treatment

Your First Visit

Every person and every treatment is different. However there are a lot of common factors.

On your first visit you will be required to fill out an intake form outlining basic information about yourself and an overview of your general wellness. The therapist will then go through this with you to determine what you specific needs may be. This may take a little time especially if there are complicated issues to be addressed

The therapist will discuss with you a proposed treatment regime and what you could posible expect from it.

After the session there may be a period for debriefing and looking forward to your next session and even some at home activities set to assist in improving your wellness.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is the application of an appropriate force in a exacting direction.

This force and direction is applied to a joint that does not have proper function. This lack of can cause, pain, discomfort and a restriction in your ability to cary out your daily tasks.

The adjustment adds motion to the joint helping to gradually restore normal functionality.The purpose of this is to permit improved spinal and nervous system health and an improvement in your wellbeing.

"What results can I expect"

Results will vary from person to person. If you are new to Chiropractic treatment you will want to discuss these expectations with your therapist.

However most people will experience some benefit soon after the initial treatment and ongoing improvements as therapy progresses.

Do Chiropractic treatments hurt?

in most cases, not at all. The process of having an adjustment can be very relaxing and soothing.

With some adjustments you will here a "popping sound". This is causing be gas in the joint being released due to the change in internal pressure. Not all adjustments make the "popping" noise, many are silent.