Counselling is a process that enables a person to calmly address their problems and issues in a supportive non judgmental environment.

Counselling is talking and discussing the difficulties or unhappy periods that we all encounter in our everyday lives. These unhappy times may or may not be connected to a specific problem. Discussing it with a person who is not directly affiliated with the situation or is outside the family situation can help to put the situation into perspective for the person.

Counselling can assist you cope with:

  • everyday challenges
  • dealing with others - like your significant other, family and friends
  • learning to say no and not feel guity
  • learning new belief systems, or to live by you own values, thoughts and feelings
  • learning your hearts true desire
  • learning to communicate in an assertive way
  • learning to appreciate lessons learnt from your parents
  • learning to appreciate youjust as you are

Counselling can help you make sense of your life, resolve specific problems, help you to make decisions, help you deal with phobia, stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, addictions, abuse, bereavement, divorce or separation, conflict with others, relationships, and many other issues affecting emotional and mental well-being.

The Counselling is conducted in a safe, confidential and friendly environment and is available by contacting us – 03 9763 0033. The Centre conducts courses throughout the year to with your personal growth. These courses are available as group sessions or individually.

We can also supply Counselling Supervision for ACA and FVC Members.

Follow this link to Ros Wilson Counsellor    Workshop and shortcourse timetable

Sandplay and symbology

Counselling for children of all ages

Sandplay is a “hands on” approach using sand in a tray to help express aspects of the self that are otherwise hidden.

Symbology is the use of symbols (which is just about anything) to express aspects of the psyche or feelings deep inside us that we don’t understand.

When we put these together we have a very powerful tool in helping an individual tap into their inner wisdom, to truly understand why they are having the feelings they have.

Again, as in Emotional Release Counselling (ERC) the use of Sandplay Therapy is for children within the ages of 4- 99 in other words – all of us.

Sandplay can often reflect the strengths of the individual and also makes them aware of their weaknesses and then allows them see how they can change their ways for the future.

For some individuals sandplay can have an immediate realisation or feedback of how they have been behaving in different issues and they can see where changes can be made. For others it may take some more time.

Sandplay will help the individual in self-awareness and self-esteem and allows the freedom of creativity for everyone.

Emotional Release Counselling

(for children of all ages)

Emotional Release Counselling is for children from the ages of 4 to 99. It allows everyone to fully express their emotions, feelings and behaviours in situations of conflict through experiential approaches.

Emotional Release Counselling (ERC) provides a safe place for the child, adolescent or Adult to fully express the energy behind these different emotions. It also helps the child to explore and express how they truly feel.

ERC helps children who are angry, stressful, hurt, grieved sad and even rage. It helps them to learn skills to release emotions that are firmly tied in knots inside.

ERC helps children to realise and listen to what is going on inside them and then to release those feelings. It helps children to increase self-esteem and self-awareness and to help get rid of difficult behaviours and depression etc.

ERC uses role-plays imagination, games, dance, relaxation and meditation to release what is going on inside each person.

The use of Sandplay and Symbology is used frequently in ERC Counselling – please see information about this also.

The Centre of Wellbeing is proud to be able to provide this service to you and the community. We would like to thank the creators of ERC - Mark Pearson and Helen Wilson in providing this opportunity for all people to grow within themselves.

Allow the following times for each client.

Children sessions are usually 1 hour
Adults seesions are usually 2 hours