Service Price
Massage and Chiropractic Packages
Pay for 5 and get 6 (small package)
Pay for 5 treatments in advance and get the 6th treatment for free
1 hour masage package $400.00
1/2 hour massage package $275.00
Standard chiro follow up package $275.00
Pay for 10 and get 13 (large package)
Pay for 10 and get 13 included in the 13 is a voucher that you can either use for yourself or give away as a gift.
All the package prices are based on the standard treatment prices. Packages are adaptable to meet your requirements for different types of treatment and do not expire.


Service Price
One hour relaxation massage $55.00
Strictly limited numbers first in best dressed. (First visit only)


Service Price
Free 15 min spine assessment
The centre offers free assessents, spaces are limited.

Reflexology Rewards

Come for 5 reflexology sessions and get the 6th one for only $60.00. You will be given a rewards card to track your treatments.

Back to school specials

Service Price
School is resuming very soon "are you ready?" Your Local centre "Centre of Wellbeing" is conducting "back to school sessions" for everyone who will be going back to school in the next couple of weeks.

Have a Relaxing massage – before going back to school so you are ready for any challenges that may come your way

The transition from holidays to getting your little one's ( or big one's) back to school can be stressful – come and have a relaxing massage so you are relaxed which in turn makes your children relaxed when the day comes.

Tired muscles from all that holiday fun? Or you are feeling stressed because school is just around the corner, come and have a massage to help you feel your best when going back to school.

Ros Wilson – our Counsellor is also on hand if the stress is too much – talking to someone not related to the situation can help the transition. Mention this advertisement and get $15.00 off your next appointment until school starts.
Other short courses and workshops as advertised:
Short course and workshop timetable
delivered by the Centre of Wellbeing at various locations in the Eastern Suburbs.